A salad that tastes better than a mimosa
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🔪 200 g Mattini pasta
🔪 1 cup sweet corn
🔪 3 boiled eggs
🔪 2 medium carrots
🔪 200 g ham
🔪 100 g cheese
🔪 5-6 pickles
🔪 250 g sour cream
🔪 200 g mayonnaise
🔪 salt

A salad that tastes better than a mimosa


  1. According to the instructions on the package, cook the pasta and then add the sweet corn to cook together with it.

  2.  After that, strain everything together and discard the mustard. 

  3. Boil eggs and carrots in a separate bowl. 

  4. Mix sour cream with mayonnaise in a bowl and add salt.

  5. Grate and chop all the other ingredients and arrange them in a glass container according to the instructions that you can see in the video recipe.

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